Overwatch 2, which has only been out for a few months, has already established itself as a fan favorite with players strategizing to win and expressing their views on various features and mechanics on forums and social media. In an effort to maintain its appeal and relevance, Blizzard has announced a new limited-time event: the clash for the throne of the gods.


Inspired by Greek mythology, this intense battle royale will feature a selection of seven champions with reimagined abilities that draw upon the divine might of ancient deities. Widowmaker, for example, will have the ability to turn opponents into stone, using the mythical creature's power. The ruler of the scrapyard, wielding the strength of Zeus, will use her Commanding Shout to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Roadhog will transform into a giant cyclops and shoot boulders, while The steadfast warrior becomes a Minotaur and charges with increased speed. Pharah will be granted the abilities of the god of the underworld, able to launch a rapid succession of missiles at once.

The special event will take place from January 5th to January 19th and will be set in the map Chateau Guillard, where players may come across repurposed armor packs that serve an mysterious function. On the map a location in the game, the player -, with the most eliminations during the event will be honored with their own marble statue. The trailer for the event promises blessings from the gods for players, though it is unclear exactly what these will consist of. Previous limited events have offered titles, short phrases spoken by characters, sprays, and customization options for characters' appearance, so it is likely that players can expect similar in-game bonuses.

In addition to the confrontation for the throne of the gods event, there will also be a Lunar New Year limited event running from January 17th to February 6th. This adds even more excitement and limited-time event content for players to enjoy in the coming weeks.


As a enthusiast of both Overwatch and Greek mythology, I am excited to see these two elements blended in the conflict for the throne of the gods event. The idea of controlling characters with altered abilities with mythological powers adds a new layer of strategy to the game, and I can't wait to see how these powers will change the way I play. The promise of divine rewards also provides an additional motivation to participate in the event.

Overall, I am looking forward to immersing myself in the Battle for Olympus and experiencing all that it has to offer.


The Battle for Olympus event will take place from January 5th to the nineteenth of January.

System Requirements for PC:

To participate in the confrontation for the throne of the gods event, players will need to have a PC that meets the minimum requirements for Overwatch 2. These requirements include:

Windows 10 operating system
Intel Core i3 processor or better
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 graphics card or better
30 GB of free hard drive space